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Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services

There are several companies that offer building solutions in the region but none is like Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services. We have been in this industry for several years and hence have the right experience to handle any task. Our company has a highly skilled and well trained workforce to handle any kind of finishing job. The company has also invested in the right technology that allows us to offer high-quality services at the most affordable rates. Here is an overview of some of the services that we offer in the market. Remember we will serve you irrespective of your location in the region.


Our Main Services 

Concrete Underlayment

Unlike their overlay cousins, underlayment doesn’t get the opportunity of seeing the light. Their primary objective is a thin topping to smooth, level or fix any imperfections in concrete substances before installing another covering like vinyl, carpet, or tiles. However, concrete underlayment still requires the same level of treatment like overlays during the installation process. Inadequate concrete surface priming and preparation may result in severe bubbling or pin holing that can come out through some of the vinyl tile floors. The best professional when looking for concrete underlayment services is Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services. We produce beautiful and durable underlayment that you cannot find anywhere else. Just call Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services and you will not regret with the underlayment options that you will get. Here are some of the top solutions that we provide under this category.

  • Installation Over Wood Surfaces

It is possible to install concrete underlayment over plywood subfloors but you will have to take additional steps to minimize the possibility of cracking. You can minimize the possibility of cracking and increase flexibility by adding the liquid acrylic modifier to your underlayment mix. The best practice is to put the concrete underlayment over ¾ – inches thick plywood that has been fastened with screws at twelve to sixteen inch intervals to help in increasing stability and reducing deflation. Some manufacturers will advice you to apply the underlayment on two 3/4 – inch plywood layers for higher rigidity in areas that the plywood has a problem with deflation.

  • Installation Over Concrete Surfaces

You will need at least 28 days for curing when installing the underlayment on new concrete subfloors. In most cases, you can use the same equipment that is required for overlay installations. These experts use a gauge rake in spreading the material in place and for controlling the depth. Contractors also use a steel smoothening blade for leveling the surface and breaking the tension and this allows any entrapped air to escape.

The thickness of your concrete underlayment can range from one to a half inches. However, you can still achieve higher thickness if there is need by using the pea gravel to extend the material.  Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services has the best equipment to handle your concrete underlayment experiment.

  • The Use of Pea Gravel to Increase Thickness

Some floor covering installers try to level the floor while preparing for vinyl tile. Some of the areas may have capped-off drains of close to 3 to 4 inches under the complete floor elevation. The concrete installer can prepare the floor with priming or shot blasting depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer. The next step is to directly dump clean pea gravel on the priming substrate and hence screeding it to achieve a uniform thickness of close to 2 inches. The crew can then pump the concrete underlayment over the pea cravel bed with the aid of a garden rake in blending the material in the aggregate so that it can filter down and come in direct contact with the concrete material substrate.

I have seen people who are a bit skeptical about this approach. However, try checking out the project after three years and you will not find anything wrong with your vinyl floor covering of your underlayment top. If you attempt to apply this method, make sure you apply the final leveling coat on your underlayment to smoothen any imperfections on the surface.

  • The Use of Metal Lath Over the Concrete

Metallic reinforcing lath can be highly useful over concrete substrates that have deteriorated badly. It can correct concrete floors that are full of cracks or unstable. After you repair all the available cracks, attach the metal lath using an air-driven nail gun to the surface directly. Remember that even after doing all the required preparation work, it is a common practice for cement-based toppings that are installed over wooden surfaces to exhibit some minor cracks. However, when dealing with underlayment, this is not a great concern since other flooring materials cover the surface.

  • How to Prime the Substrate

Some manufacturers recommend priming for plywood and concrete subfloor to assist in sealing it and reducing the possibility for the air vapor that is emitted from the substrate to create bubbles in your underlayment.  Be keen to check all the technical guidelines on your primer recommendations because some of the manufacturers need a different primer over concrete than wood.  Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services remains to be the best solution if you need someone to work on your concrete underlayment.


Concrete Overlayment

We use concrete overlays to cover up any imperfections that could be on your existing concrete surfaces. We have highly decorative overlayment options that you can use on any concrete surface in your home. the market has several resurfacing options and we will help you to choose one of them. What is important to us is that you will get the most decorative finish. You can use any of them to give your concrete overlayment your imaginable appearance. Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services will give you pointers on how to choose the best application for your space. You can be sure that the concrete overlays will meet the desire cost, maintenance, appearance, and durability requirements.

Cement-based overlays have been in existence for several decades but modern systems blend the polymer resins with sand, cement, and other additives to enhance its performance, aesthetic qualities, and wear resistance. You can apply polymer-modified overlays in layers that are as thin as a credit card or several inches thick with no failure or delamination. Concrete overlays resist salt, abrasion, freeze-thaw conditions, UV exposure, and chemical damage and adhere so well to existing concrete surfaces.

There are several polymer-modified concrete overlays and each of them comes with its unique characteristics. The manufacturers of overlays used various forms of polymer resins to produce surfaces that have distinctive physical attributes. Some of the modern day decorative outlays come from acrylic blends or acrylics because the resins have an excellent UV resistance and bond strength. Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services remains to be top on the market when looking for the best concrete overlayment in the market.


Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is one of the best treatments that you can give to your surface. It is an ideal finish that you can give to both residential and commercial buildings. Once you contract is to install your surfaces, you can be sure of making several cost savings. Concrete polishing is available in a broad range of designs and is easy to clean. We recommend this surface because it does not harbor allergens, dirt, and dust. These surfaces are also more resistant to high foot traffic. Concrete polishing has a longer service life and requires less maintenance. It also resists any moisture transmission issues in the building. It’s indeed a highly sustainable flooring alternative that has a high light reflectivity. We remain to be the best choice when you are looking for someone to work on your concrete polishing surfaces.


Concrete Grinding

Several companies offer concrete grinding services but none is like Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services. We will make sure that your rough concrete surfaces are smooth so as to display a shiny and smooth surface. There are several tools that we use to do concrete grinding. We choose the tools and technique depending on the size of your project and the expected results. These services come at various prices but we offer the best rates in the market. You can trust us when it comes to quality.


Stucco EIFS

Stucco is one of the best contemporary treatments that you can give to your building. The material is made of water, a binder, and aggregates. The material is applied when wet but it dries up in the process. Most people use it as a decorative coating for their exterior sections of their home. However, you can still use it for the interior of the home. It’s one of the most visually appealing construction materials that you can find in the market. Palm Beach Concrete Underlayment Services remains to be the best Stucco EIFS installers in the region.

As a company, we have the right expertise to handle all these tasks. The company has also invested heavily in modern equipment to give you the best service. You will be able to get the best services at the most competitive rates in the market. Call us today to get your free quotation from our billing department.

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